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FOLATUR held its 14 meeting in Valdivia - Chile

Valdivia - Chile hosts the 1 Congress of the Chilean Association of Tourism Companies (Achet) from the 40 ° of September, and on its last day the Latin American Tourism Forum (FOLATUR) held its 14 meeting, with the aim of exposing some concerns and changes that have developed around tourism in the region.

During the meeting led by Guillermo Correa, President of ACHET, and the President of Faevyt and Secretary of the Folatur, Cr. Fabricio Di Giambattista, together with the Executive Director of the Federation, Gerardo Belio, a dialogue was held about the strengthening of the Forum through the creation of a legal committee, formed by the lawyers of the Associations in the different countries, in order to review legal issues that concern the sector.

Also, short-term issues such as the creation of online Travel Agencies by airlines were addressed, highlighting the importance of competing on equal terms with them, to establish an equitable work. For this reason, the associations of the 11 countries that make up FOLATUR, will carry out a revision work so that this is how it develops in their territories.

Last but not least, there was talk of topics related to IATA, NDC, NewGen and the participation of the Forum in the World Alliance of Travel Agent Associations (WTAAA), which was held in Malaysia in May of the year. in course, and the presence that will have in Dubai at the end of September of 2018, where the second annual meeting will take place.

The FOLATUR meeting was attended by ten of the eleven countries that make up the forum and made it possible to strengthen the structure of the Forum, making it the main Association of Associations in Latin America today.

The meeting was attended by presidents and delegates of the Associations: ABAV, from Brazil; ABAVYT, from Bolivia; ACHET - Chile; APAVIT, of Peru; ASATUR, of Paraguay; AUDAVI, from Uruguay; AVAVIT, from Venezuela; FAEVYT, from Argentina; GMA, from Mexico and of course ANATO, from Colombia. For this opportunity there was no representative of ASECUT, of Ecuador.

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