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ANNUAL FOLATUR ASSEMBLY - San Pablo 29 October 2017 -

In the area of ​​the Abav fair, the Ordinary Assembly of Folatur took place, which included, among others, issues such as the realization of agreements and commercial actions between the agencies associated with the entities that make up the Forum in order to promote alliances and integrated tourist products, participation of the member entities in the Congresses that take place in each country, as well as the definition of a joint working agenda for the 2018 year.
It was also agreed to define the delegation that travels to the United States at the end of November to meet with the authorities of Iata.
The new executive committee
I am made up of Guillermo Correa as President, Paula Cortes Calle Vice President, Fabricio Di Giambattista as Secretary, Giorgio Valenti as Treasurer and as members the representatives of the rest of the Associations that make up the forum.
The first 2018 meeting is planned to take place within the scope of the Anato.

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