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Reunion FOLATUR Mexico

Last Friday 22 in April, with the representatives of the Associations of Travel Agencies of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, took place in the city of Puebla, Mexico, a new meeting of Folatur - the first with legal status and legal domicile in the city of Asunción of Paraguay.
Similarly Fabricio Di Giambattista participated, President of FAEVYT (Argentina Federation of Associations of Travel and Tourism) and Gerardo Bel, Executive Director of the institution, who agreed on the importance of the meeting.
Among the main points that were discussed at the meeting, they were highlighted:
- The need for: airlines guarantee to deliver any default or bankruptcy, in order to protect consumers; regulatory review tables, types of insurance and coverage; review of the remuneration table.
- The importance of carrying out the review of the legal comparative tables of the countries of the region, to facilitate the promotion and sale of South American destinations.
- Support Forum innovation and implementation of new technologies for so-called collaborative economies, safeguarding the rights of consumers and provided they comply with the legal and tax regulations of each country, avoiding unfair competition and combating illegal gambling, tending to the strengthening of employment.
- The unification of information between member associations to share business and market niches, remembering conducting field studies to establish profiles and associated market.
- The creation of an economic Observatory in Latin America.
- The organization of an own event with a purely technical frame, together with all the tourism authorities of the Region.

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